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It’s no secret that we are big fans of reclaimed wood at TRIO. From furniture to reclaimed palettes, beetle-kill to flooring, we’ve used it all. But as this material grows in popularity more and more products are popping up that incorporate reclaimed wood, which we love to see. Imagine our excitement when we stumbled on this fantastic post from Sustainablog. Not only do they have some great ideas on how to incorporate it into your home but they also talk through the process of reclaiming and preparing the wood AND include links to suppliers. So as you start on your next home project, take a gander at this great resource for ways to incorporate reclaimed wood into your home. We bet you’re surprised about how refined and durable of a material it can be!

Ryland Homes Steel Ranch Model featuring reclaimed beetlekill wood wall treatment

Ryland Homes Steel Ranch Model featuring rustic, reclaimed beetle-kill wood wall treatment


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